Santa’s Magical Gift Set


Santa’s Magical Gift Set includes:
  • Magic Box is child’s portal directly to Santa
  • Personalized Wish Book collects child’s wishes in writing every year
  • The Book is a magical story of a child’s dream on the night before Christmas
  • Builds a true family heirloom by collecting your Christmas memories in writing
  • If you have more than one child, you can buy them their own Wish Book and Magic Box in the Accessory Gift Set

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The Creation of a Family Heirloom

A beautiful poetic Audio Book and a Magic Box from Santa Claus! Read or listen to the wonder of a child who goes to Santa’s workshop at five minutes till midnight.

A New Christmas Tradition

Write and date your child’s wishes in the Wish Book. Place them into the Magic Box prior to Christmas. On Christmas morning the box is open, and has a clue inside. A wink to the parents as Santa can be pretty creative with his clues and how he hides gifts. Share in your child’s wondrous journey of finding their Santa gift. Enjoy the fun, antics and laughter of the search. See the satisfaction on your child’s face when they “earn” and find their Santa Gift. Keep those clues and write down what unfolds on Christmas Day. Imagine the collection of memories you will build as your family uses the Wish Book and Magic Box from year to year.

Santa’s Magical Gift® is based in part of the memories of the author’s childhood at Christmas. It was created in loving memory of his Mother and Father Marion and Marshall Hersberger, for they make Christmas wondrous and pure fun.

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